Why You Need Kitty Litter In A Car Emergency

It's likely that somebody - a concerned parent, helpful friend, or maybe even a know-it-all you don't really like - has informed you of the helpful potential of kitty litter, even if you don't own a cat.

With kitty litter, drivers found stuck in snow, mud, or other pesky situations caused by inclement weather can pour some of the clay-based substance behind their wheels. In theory - and in practice, more than often - the kitty litter will help the wheels gain traction, helping boost the driver out of the predicament she's found herself in.

You shouldn't use kitty litter on any paved roadways, as it will get slippery, and even stick to hard surfaces.

Sand can be used in similar situations, or on driveways with ice coatings. Salt can be used in driveways, as well, though it's not ideal for emergency situations.

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