Salt or Kitty Litter for your Driveway? Why Not

Both Kitty litter and salt will be quite in demand in Wetaskiwin and Ponoka as the winter approaches. As a matter of fact, stores will be running out of salt first and then run out of kitty litter shortly after. Demand somehow manages to outstrip supply at this times. Which of the two should you, therefore, prefer to apply on your driveway should such a situation arise as it will most certainly do?

Salt is probably the only option that can help melt the snow off your driveway, but it will definitely harm your plants and pets. It increases traction although it is expensive and still retains its corrosive capabilities.

Kitty litter is another alternative. It is less expensive compared to salt. It works by absorbing the excess water from the driveway but forms a mush that remains on your drive throughout winter.

At Adams Chevrolet Buick GMC, we certainly hope you’ll choose sand instead.
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