What You Need to Know in Order to Tow

Towing puts stress on any vehicle. To tow properly, there are certain key stats every Wetaskiwin driver needs to know about their ride. The right equipment also factors into the equation. With everything done properly, you can enjoy safe travel and protect your truck or SUV.

For starters, match the weight of the trailer to the tow ratings in your vehicle manual. Next, make sure to factor in the tongue weight. That's the pressure on the hitch when the two vehicles are in tandem. After that, it's a matter of hooking up properly for strength and for brake light connections. If your vehicle doesn't have a factory-installed hitch, our dealership can install the best alternative.

For more information, talk to our service department. To match your towing needs to a new vehicle, check out the Adams Chevrolet Buick GMC inventory.

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