GMC Terrain Interior

When you shop for a new vehicle there is a lot to consider. Of course, price is a big factor depending on what your budget is. The exterior styling is something that you see right away when checking out a vehicle. When you start to get into the details of a vehicle, you will see the interior and that is what can make or break your decision. The GMC Terrain is a vehicle that looks great from the outside but when you see the interior you will fall in love. Some of the great features you get includes:
  • An 8…
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Explore the Stylish Exterior Features of the 2018 GMC Canyon

If you need a midsize truck with a little style and a whole lot of ability, then the 2018 GMC Canyon is the ideal choice. This small pickup truck is one of the most popular models on the market today, and our team will show you why it will make a lasting impression.

Easily manage your cargo with this trucks EZ-lift system and lower tailgate. Add a spray-on bed liner to your midsize that will not only protect the bed of your truck but add a little style to the exterior. This pickup features chrome grille surround along with chrome…

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Incredible Buick Envision Safety Features

​Why is the Buick Envision considered a popular small luxury SUV? All a driver needs to do is look at the safety features in this vehicle to see why.

The Buick Envision has the Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature, and it is making driving safer in reverse. When you are backing up and the system detects a vehicle approaching from either direction, the driver gets the alert to proceed with caution.

Another feature of the Buick Envision is the Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning. Whether you lose focus or get tired behind the wheel, this feature is designed…
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Buick LaCrosse Promotes Driver Safety

Not only does the Buick LaCrosse have a 5-star safety rating, but it also promotes driver safety as well. The LaCrosse is a luxury sedan loaded with the best safety features on the market. One safety feature popular with drivers is the lane assist with departure alerts. Drivers who unintentionally drift into the other lane will get a gentle reminder and small steering help to stay in their lane. The technology helps avoid crashes due to unintentional lane drifting.

The LaCrosse also comes equipped with OnStar. OnStar features Automatic Crash Response....

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Cruising in a Chevrolet Cruze Is Fun and Economical

The Chevrolet Cruze is a compact car that doesn't act like a compact car. Consistently ranked as one of the best in its class, the Chevrolet Cruze comes with a large list of standard features, a great infotainment system, roomy interior and trunk space and extreme fuel efficiency, all delivered in a comfortable ride.

You will be entertained and informed at all times while tooling around in the Chevrolet Cruze because of its user-friendly infotainment system that comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, displayed in a seven-inch color touchscreen. Stay connected with...

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Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive?

When it comes to making the decision between a rear wheel drive or front wheel drive vehicle, a little knowledge about your driving habits and needs will help.

Do you need a vehicle that can take a lot of rough treatment and offers you superior handling ability? These are areas where a rear wheel drive vehicle really shines. Rear wheel drive vehicles tend to be sportier and geared toward optimal performance. They are not, however, the best choice for driving in winter weather conditions.

If you need an economical vehicle that gets great gas mileage and has a better chance…
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What are the Most Important Pieces of the Roadside Emergency Kit?

The following pieces should be in your roadside emergency kit to keep you from being stuck in a disabled car.
  1. A small box of assorted tools is always a good idea because you never know what type of repair you will need to make.
  2. Cans of tire fix-a-flat will get you rolling if you have a flat tire.
  3. An empty gas can will come in very handy when you run out of fuel because a motorist can use the can to get you some gas.
  4. Jumper cables are critical for getting a jump-start from another car.
  5. ...
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Your Tires May Be Telling You to Replace Them

Your tires are one of the most important components on a safe vehicle. When your tires have plenty of tread and proper pressure, they can stop quickly on almost any road surface. If your tires are bald or almost bald, it is a sure sign that they need to be replaced.

If you notice that your tires are warm or hot to the touch, it could be yet another sign that they should be replaced. Excess heat signals that the tire does not have a lot of tread or that there is a lack of air flowing through and around…

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Know Your Vehicle's Timing Belt And What It Does

As a car owner, you will discover over time the many components and parts that allow your vehicle to run properly. Some of these should be prioritized higher due to their function and cost of repair if they actually fail. Your vehicle's timing belt is such a part and should be examined and serviced regularly.

The timing belt in your vehicle is a critical component. Its job is to synchronize the camshaft and crankshaft so that they turn and work together which actually enables the engine to function. If the belt should fail, then your vehicle would stop.

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What You Need to Know in Order to Tow

Towing puts stress on any vehicle. To tow properly, there are certain key stats every Wetaskiwin driver needs to know about their ride. The right equipment also factors into the equation. With everything done properly, you can enjoy safe travel and protect your truck or SUV.

For starters, match the weight of the trailer to the tow ratings in your vehicle manual. Next, make sure to factor in the tongue weight. That's the pressure on the hitch when the two vehicles are in tandem. After that, it's a matter of hooking up...

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