Leasing versus financing can be a confusing topic for consumers. Hopefully our explanation will take the confusion and fear out of this important discussion. Leasing has provided tremendous benefits for thousands of our customers; however everybody has different financial and driving requirements.

LEASE - If you enjoy driving a new car every three or four years, want lower monthly payments, like having a car that has the latest safety features and is usually under warranty, don't like trading and selling used cars, don't care about building ownership equity, have a stable and predictable lifestyle, drive an average number of kilometers, and desire overall lower maintenance costs - then you should lease.

BUY - If you don't mind higher monthly payments at first, like holding on to your cars, prefer to build up some trade-in or resale value (equity), enjoy the idea of having ownership of your car, like paying off your loan and being payment-free for a while, don't mind the unexpected cost of repairs after warranty has expired, drive more than average kilometers, prefer to drive your cars for years to spread out the cost, like to customize your cars, might have lifestyle or job changes in the near future, and don't like the risk of possible lease-end charges - then you should buy.

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